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Join the Trail Trash Team


Collect data on trail trash with us!

  1. Download the rubbish app 

  2. In the app join the @notracetrails trash team

  3. Select the location you want to survey on the trail (doing this ahead of time helps reduce bias)

  4. Begin your "Rubbish Run" by clicking the camera and then timer icon.

  5. When you find litter , photograph it in the Rubbish app​

  6. Add tags in the app to describe the trash

  7. At the end of the survey - end the “Rubbish Run” and add any additional comments (eg. how many people were surveying).

  8. Tag @NoTrashTrails on social media

Don't have iOS? 

  • Follow the survey instructions above. But, instead of using the Rubbish app take photos of trail trash using a phone with location-tagging enabled 

  • Upload the photos here!

Other helpful notes: 

  • We define litter as: anything of human origin, with no foreseeable future use 

  • Survey anything within 2 meters of the trail (~6ft)

  • Photograph anything the size of a cigarette butt (approximately 1 cm) and larger.

  • Take only 1 photo of each object and photograph it in the location it was found

Questions or comments? Contact us here.


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(Hikers collecting trash data on their local trails)

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 Donations made through the Moore Institute for plastic pollution research

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